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September 2019

Neuschwanstein castle & Trip to Rothenburg

Today was our castle day. We rented a car and headed for Neuschwanstein Castle. For once, living at 8,000 feet elevation paid off...it was a 40 min walk uphill and then another 15 min walk to the bridge...uphill. Mom and Greta are feeling it. I’m ok.
After our climb and tour we went to the little town of Schwangau for Apple streusel. There was a small working dairy right in the middle of town so of course I had to pet the cow. This trip has had a series of animals begging to be pet.

We drove back to Munich and it was straight to bed.

The next morning (today), we got in the car and made our way to Rothenburg. It’s an old walled city with a preserved medieval wall. We had a little refreshment and dinner and then joined the 8 pm Night Watchman's tour. It was a combo of history and ghost stories. It was really cool!

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Munich Day Zwei

I’m writing today’s blog over a cheesy spaetzle food coma. I’ve done some serious carb loading.
Today’s activities included a Rick Steves walking tour. We took an elevator to the top of the glockenspiel. What a great view of the city.
Next, was a walk to Englischer Park where they surf. Yes, they actually surf in Munich. This park is also noted for their nude sunbathing. Mom was appalled at the level of nudity (lack of it was her issue). The younger generation is more modest. This really is a beautiful park.
We ended our day with a cold beer and cheesy spaetzle, hence the food coma. Tomorrow is an early start for Neuschwanstein castle.

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Travel Day to Munich

We arrived in Munich this afternoon. Our hotel is very neat the Hofbrauhaus. Did I mention it was a climb up 3 flights of stairs. Our first stop after the climb was for a snack and beer.
Then off for a little sightseeing. We are taking it easy as tomorrow will be a walking tour of Munich.

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A Day on the Rhine

We started our day with an apelplunder in Bacharach. (That is a breakfast pastry). Today we took a boat down the Rhine from Bacharach to Assmanhauser, where we saw a bunch of cool castles.
At Assmanhauser we took a chairlift up a chairlift to the Niederlander Forest. At the top there were native deer, affectionately named deer tick in honor of our American mule deer.
We hiked along a path that took us to the top of a vine covered hill overlooking Rüdesheim. We took these small gondolas down to the village where we had our first schnitzel of the trip. It was delicious but we did need to walk it off. We made our way back to docks and boarded a boat for home. Oberwesel is going to be jumping in a few days. They are setting up all these booths for a wine and harvest fest.
Too bad we’re going to miss it.
Tomorrow we get on the train...destination München.

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Arrival in Oberwesel

Our train ride to Oberwesel was not without adventure. Our train from Brussels experienced a delay due to a fire on the tracks, then our car to Oberwesel was split from the main train. Did I mention we were on the car going no where. Someone did tell us to get off and we moved to another car, but the train had started to pull away. In our defense, there were no indications the train was going to separate and the announcements were only in German. Yikes!
We arrived in Oberwesel (pronounced Ober- Veesel) to a very cute hotel in the Market square. We started with happy hour on our sun deck then walked the town. This little village nestled on the Rhine is surrounded my a medieval wall. Lots to see!

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