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Back to Portugal

May 22

We wrapped up our 3 week stay in Saint Cyprien with a nice hike. Here are a few parting pictures of our stay. We are really going to miss our morning croissants at the boulangerie and our after bike ride cocktails at our favorite bar.
This morning we woke up at 5am to start our trek back to Portugal where we met up with our friends and old neighbors from Houston, Ed & Ginger. We are spending a week in Ferragudo on the Algarve coast of Portugal. It’s been a long day with a few unknowns, like flying EasyJet. It’s all good!

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On the Road Again - 7.8 miles / 20,000+ steps

May 20

We hit the road for a little hike between Saint Cyprien and Baran, which is the little town the medieval brewer lives in. He claimed it to be the most charming village...mainly because he lived there.
Our walk had an elevation increase of 239m and decrease of 110m. We walked 7.8 miles and over 20,000 steps. While the village was small and somewhat charming (no cafes or pubs) the walk there was truly interesting. We came across an old stone borrie said to be used by sheep herders and hunters. We also found a cave that had been fortified a bit.
The cutest thing was how one village ensconced it’s fire hydrant...it’s hidden inside the house shaped shrub.
Our time in france is wrapping up. It’s hard to believe 3 weeks has come and gone. Tomorrow is a day of cleaning, packing and prep so nothing blog worthy.

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Market Day in St. Cyprien

May 18

Our 3rd and last market. A week of sun has done a lot to mature the produce...some positive, some negative but all tasty. It was supposed to rain so market participation was down, but luck was on our side and it turned out to be a nice day.
After we finished our shopping we went for a little walk. Spoiler alert, it ended up being 12 km (7.8 mi) with 112m elevation change. We worked off our croissants today. We first went to visit Chateau de Fages and then continued on to this little church in the woods. Both sights are off the beaten path so not very touristy. The flowers are in full bloom so it was a beautiful walk.
We’re back home...we had a great dinner compliments of the farmers market. After dinner we heard all these car horns honking. We took our wine glasses down to the main road to see a little 6 car parade with people hanging out of their cars cheering. One guy was standing on top of a van surfing (don’t try this at home).

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Market Day in Sarlat

May 18

Rick Steves has talked so highly of Sarlat la Canéda and it’s Market we had to see it. We returned the car we rented and made our way on foot into the old historic district. It was very large and had about everything you could want...socks, fois gras, colorful macaroons...I’m glad we saw it but Sarlat is too touristy for anything more than a visit.
We did find an art exhibition in an old stone hotel. Just the kind of architecture you expect in Europe. Mom had a good time seeing Sarlat for the first time and with minimal rain!

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Taking Mom Out on the Town

May 16

At moms insistence I added a picture of the blooms on the Dordogne so don’t miss the magic. It also put my entries out of date sequence.
The little town of Saint Cyprien is wrapping up their spring decor. Each year they get a theme and deck out the Main Street.
It was another sunny day and maybe the last for a few days so we headed for the Dordogne River and a canoe ride to see the castles. Greg is an expert oarsman and as we neared the end of our trip he was trying to line up the canoe so mom could get the perfect picture. Let’s just say someone had to get out of the canoe and wade thru the river to shore. Funny...but the poor guy was pretty soggy the rest of the day.
After our paddle we had our picnic by the river and then headed off to Domme, a charming village at the top of a hill. Not something we’d even attempt on a bike. There was a charming little library right
In the middle of town, so a little pic for Pam.
After Domme, we headed to Limeuil where the Dordogne and Vezere come together. It’s a charming location and the grasses growing in the river were in bloom with these small white flowers.
We sat by the river and had a cool beverage before capping off our day. I’m surprised (not really) that Mom was able to rally all day. It’s a quiet evening as we prepare for another cave visit tomorrow. This one...you take this small electric train underground.

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